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answered Feb. 4/03
Peabody Museum of American Archaeology and Ethnology
Harvard University
Peabody Professor of Amr. Arch. and Ethn
Har. Univ., Curator of the Museum.
Cambridge, Mass.,

Feb 9/03
Dear Mr Pepper
My mail today has brought me the enclosed specimens with an account of a body found in a cave in New Mexico (Grant Co I suppose) no locality given in letter. The writer says body has light brown or redish hair [[?]]- that he was wrapped in skin blankets (one sample of same enclosed) tied with cords [[?]] a gourd of [[corn?]] at head, a stone pipe in right hand & tobacco pouch in left.
Will you please look at the

Transcription Notes:
corrected [[?]] changed to locality, redish misspelled in letter, sawft possibly for the word soft,[[?]] before and after "tied with cords" could be same words