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My dear Mr. Hyde :-
Your welcome letter of the 6th. inst. came in last night and I was delighted to hear that so much of interest was taking place in the Last. It is always pleasing to hear that everything is running smoothly and that the outlook for the future is bright, but especially so when one is far away from civilization. 

I was soory to learn that you went to the trouble of wiring to Mr. Sargent. While in St Louis I was so busy piling up notes that I did not take time to write to anyone as I took it for granted that all would know what a time-eater a Fair of this nature is. But all is straightened out now and I shall endeavor to write once a week from now on. 

We had a rather annoying stay in Callup. We left  Albuquerque Monday night. The ratas at the Alvarado are so high that I do not dare to stay there an hour longer than I have to. I have to go there for policys sake and we certainly get every dollars worth in the help that is given us.  It is in fact a saving of money as the accommodations that we receive more than compensate for the outlay. I fear that I can never feel just right when I have to pay such high rates at a hotel. it seems like giving money away.

When we reached Callup I went to Mr. Cottons store and had a talk with him. He said that Mr. Andrus had started for Hubbells before our wire from Albuquerque reached Callup. Mr. Cotton had the message