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material for our study collection. I was rummaging about under some shelves yesterday when I came across some strips of bayeta which show the manner of cutting it to procure the woof threads for blanket work. There was also a mass of the warp threads. There are carded with white wool to make a pale red color. Mr. Hubbell has given me enough to make up several sets. I am held back in the photo work from the fact that my trunks have not arrived. An Indian was to bring them from St Michaels but he had to high a load. I have explained this part of the trip in my letter to Mr. Heye, I endeavor to tell something different in each so that you may profit by the reading of both letters. There is a great deal to keep me busy until the trunks arrive so there will be no time lost. 

I went out for a short walk yesterday and found a Navajo "Sweat House". It is in perfect condition and the stones used in heating the room and producing the steam are piled near it. There are two remains of others within a radius of fifty feet. One shows the cavity over which the house was built and the stones are also near it. The other is a grass grown depression which would hardly be notices were it not for the presence of the others. As soon as the cameras come I hope to make several pictures of the group.

I have been talking hospital since I reached here and have added some notes to my list. There is a missionary here. His name is Eeerkampfer. The Navajos call him "The man with the whiskey name". He is deeply interest-