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Hubbell - 2.

I am sending you a check for $148.00 in payment for the looms and also for the other bill which I enclose. I feel too ashamed to go into particulars concerning the latter. Suffice it to say that it was an oversight, the finding of the bill for which drove home to us our obligation. This is the first time that such a thing has occurred and I feel feel it more than you can imagine. Mrs. Pepper held the little blanket until Christmas and them asked me to settle for same; I had just returned from Mexico and was busy with my lectures and other work which, no doubt, caused your oil to be pigeonholed and finally lost. I am glad that it finally turned upas, being that I did not buy it personally and as Mrs. pepper would have supposed that I had paid for it, it might have necessitated a note from you to remind me of it; this would have been the last straw and I would have hated to even show my face in your part of the country. I feel now that I made good, though it be at the eleventh hour, and I shall look forward to that trip to the Canon de Chelle. Am so sorry that we could not visit you this year but, as I stated in one of my letters, everything was so uncertain that I could not tell what I would be able to do. I finally planned the western trip to study some collections for my[[strikethrough]]n[[/strikethrough]] publication work. The trip was O. Ad. one Tuesday night and I started the next Saturday. I am working on my blanket book at present and hope to have it out this winter; in time for the Holidays if possible.
I am sending you under separate cover an article concerning a