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September 7, 1905.

Professor Otis T. Mason, 
National Museum, 
Washington, D.C.

My dtar [[Dear]] Professor Mason:-

I want to apologise for not answering your query concerning Navajo Blankets, sooner. I have been away from the Museum the greater part of the time during the summer and have therefore been unable to keep up with my correspondence. 

I have not described the double-weave blanket of the Navajos although I have a full description of it for my book which I hope to publish this winter. Dr. Matthews describes one of these textiles in the American Anthropologist and gives a photograph of one in the loom.
I am sorry that my material is not in shape for your use but if I can give you any information concerning the work kindly command me.
Sincerely yours,
Geo. H. Pepper 

Transcription Notes:
489: handwritten in blue pencil Geo. H. Pepper: signed in ink