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September 8, 1905.
Mr. L. H. Brittin,
Flatiron Building,
New York.
MY dear Brit:-
Your letter of yesterday just opened and I was somewhat surprised at the Tone of same. I saw Bandeleir and told him your wishes concerning the book. He was rather displeased at the way you had slighted him after his talk at your house and he suggested that it would be the proper thing for you to present the book in person and he would then consider it. I do not tell you this to voice Bandeliers sentiments but merely as an explanation of why I have not put the book in his hands and also as a guide to you in approaching for the signature. Say nothing about this to him as it might make difference in future dealings. It will be best, I think, for you to drop in some day and have a talk with him and then give him the little volume. I am, however, sending the book as you request so that you can follow your own inclinations.
Should you find time to come to the Museum drop in and we can have lunch together.
Sincerely yours, Pep.

Transcription Notes:
Can't tell what the cursive word on line 11