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November 1, 1905

My dear Professor:-

Have just received the good word from Mr. Mead to the effect that you are improving "Rapidly". Better news could not have reached me. I hope that you will soon be about as I know how hard it is for one of your energetic nature to be confined to the house.

I have just completed a set of Navajo looms for the Teachers College. There are fourteen in all. Nine of them show the development of a blanket from the first warp strands to the finished product. Then there is a sash loom, garter loom, hair-cord loom, cinch loom, and baby-carrier loom. The sash, garter and hair-cord looms are on crotched sticks which are the frames employed by the Navajos years ago. These were made by the Indians themselves. I have had uniform frames made for the other looms and the blanket series are mounted in these frames exactly as the Navajos set up their looms when actual work is being done. There are four sets left. One of these goes to the Museum, one to the Ethical Culture School, one to Mr. Heye, and the fourth you should have for the Peabody. I hope that you can arrange it so that you can have this set. 

With regards to all I am, as ever, Sincerely, 

George H. Pepper