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Dr. Guillermo Bauer 
[[strikethrough]] Calle Del Espiritu Santo 7. [[/strikethrough]] 
Mexico D.F.

Mexico, [[blank line]] de 190

less risk of the shipment being confiscated because I would declare the whole shipment as an ethnological collection and although the boxes were opened, the customers would not be able to distinguish between the ethnological and the archaeological material and, besides this, they would not examine all so carefully finding f.i. on the top of the first box opened that it contained really modern things. I think this would be the surest way. Besides, it would not cause you any further expenditures, except a part of the costs of shipping. Last year I learned from Dr. Farrand, in the absence of Prof. Boos, that his department could purchase such a collection of ethnological material, and I think it would not be difficult for you to take up again the matter in the aforesaid sense.

The expenses I have had till now in connection with your goods are the following: $2.12 to receive them from the Depot in Mexico City; $1.50 to send to the Depot, lately 6.75 for freight to

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