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1932 - Well, Diary, store bills are through - and I feel much "lighter" now. You know, bills are a heavy burden to me, yes, sir. Had a hair cut today. I went fishing (?) with the neighbors. Luck never favors me - and so I caught none (Ha ha) 2 hours and not one!

Tues. 19 The first day of school this year! In Eng class, I got rid of my essay theme on writing jazz songs. (Later) I got an A for it, tho it wasn't as "hot." She classed it as the popular type, as compared to Jamie's classical type.

Sun. 1932 - Today wasn't such a bad day, Diary, but I feel guilty in not having gone to church and taken Holy Communion.  "Herbert" came over and we went to the matinee - "Ex-Bad Boy" - swell. Wrote "To the Sea," and didn't finish my French assignment. Well, tomorrow I'll be going to school.

19  My milky way drawing got only another lousy bronze medal altho' Hackett congrated me heartily. The second semis schedule will all be changed & I don't [[strikethrough]] what [[/strikethrough]] know what to take & what to drop.