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Wed. 1932 - The Epiphany Service at All-Saints was a glorious affair. I passed the tapers to the congregation. Oh, Diary, why can't I do my homework these nights? I'm always planning to [[strikethrough]] red [[strikethrough]] do it the next day.

19 The whole blooming bunch at home are again getting on my nerves - and now I'm seriously considering how to earn some real pocket money just to feel independent of them.


Thurs. 1932- Am I disappointed? Certainly - and how! Here I am, aspiring for the gold K, but not popular enough to get into any Junior office. I ran for treasurer with 4 other boys and lost - and also lost to Harriet for class reporter. Oh heck!

Sun 19 Tonite was one of those rare nites. I went to the Epiphany service and sat with Harriett, wore my new hat. After, Edward, Herb, Harriett & I rode in Ed's car to Lihue Theatre altho I had already seen "Huddle" in town. (Gee, the fraternity night scene really impressed me) on the way we [[strikethrough]] abu [[/strikethrough]] almost hit a car! But that was part of the fun. Smoked in the theatre. On the way back we got to discussing lively things that have almost changed my whole coming year.