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Sun 1932 - Dear Diary: I feel rather guilty in not having gone to Sunday School this morning - I just wouldn't, after what Mother said about the coat being too small.  Homework, essays, assignments - gosh!

19 Today Hackett & I got to talking about the U. She said that U.H. has a splendid course in art,- & that the 
commercial subjects include ad. study. Today I got interested in the newspaper daily jigsaw feature & that what an appropriate title for a short story "Jigsaw" would be. About a minute later, I [[strikethrough]] opened [[/strikethrough]] was reading the newest Housekeeping mag. When lo! there was a story in it - "Jigsaw!" Strange coincidence (The circus has arrived in town.)


Mon. 1932  As usual, D, it's blue Monday. I spent my whole afternoon and night writing the 1-000 wd. essay, 400 wd. editorial, and the French lesson. The old baboon! he gives too much homework!