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Thurs. 1932 - Today has been one of my worst days - I feel sick from a boil. I do hope there's truth in Ivan's statement. [[strikethrough illegible]] last... I got A- for the French exam. 

[[strikethrough]] Sun [[/strikethrough]] Sat 19 win? I can't bear to see others win what I could win - and yet, I don't wanta wear myself out in these things! What to do!


Fri. 1932 - The violin arrived but I don't know how to assemble the parts. I received my Dec. pay. 34" o. and 39"s. @ 84 & 4d. Spent my night at the circus where I learned the good (??) news that I had been elected vice president for 1932 Hi Y.

[[strikethrough]] Sun. Mon. [[/strikethrough]] 19 Mon Harvey's birthday today (16) - and gosh, how it poured- Anyway, all's wet on Prohibition Day... I made A today in Probs, and A- for French. My essay was highly complimented by Aud. (on Shakespeare).