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January 20

Wed. 1932 I had a great kick out of teasing Herb, Buelah, and vice-versa. Eng. test wasn't so easy, after all. I got a brand new A for my news. Eng test. Good of Buboon! I wonder if W. isn't developing an inferiority complex because he's publicity mgr.

Fri 19 right out - I went tonite with Kenneth Ching, & he tricked me to bingo, etc. No luck, understood. Otherwise, I had a fair time.

January 21

Thurs. 1932. Good ole Clopton! He gave me the rock-garden project (I've always wanted to do such work) and gave me an A for the Eng. test. I drove home today and will tomorrow, too. "Seed" - extra fine talkie-gee, wasn't Raymond Hackett "wholesome!"

Sat 19 Tonite (22), I went to the service with Herb - but could find no car to Lihue. But I went with Harry & Vi to "Washington Masquerade"  bunk.
Sunday (22) I saw Haruto at his house & learned that

Transcription Notes:
Add a period after the 1932. Add a period after Herb (not a comma. Is the name actually Beulah (e before u)? Should "Good of Buboon!" really read "Good of Baboon!"? "developing a superiority" not "an superiority" "Fri 19 night out -" do not think it is "right out" Not convinced that the word following "Kenneth" is a last name. I suspect it is a verb. "he treated" no tricked. There is a "-" after project in Thurs 1932 entry. There is a "." after "I drove home today" There is a "-" before "bunk." in Sat 19 entry. I think last statement reads "Today (220" not Sunday (22).