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Fri. 1932 Today marks the end of XL's teaching us French. I wonder if Mrs. Clopton is "good". Didn't go to Hi-Y, but went to see the game with Koloa boys - Shoichi, W. & I puffed, and (now what did W. say afterwards?) Oh W. couldn't stand the "funny kine" taste after smoking.

19 he nearly died of benzine poisoning. When I left he said "Give my best regards to Herb & Lily" - doesn't that prove that he thinks only of 3 guys, W, excluded?


Sat. 1932. I'm getting a great kick from receiving & sending letters & cards from U.S.C.E members. I sent in the Right Word winter Test; what will I get? & Wallace? I'm anxious. "Paid" wasn't much of a picture - gangster, etc.

19 The Report Cards came out today results: Eng A, Probs, A, Art A (!) French B (heck) Garden B (oh oh) I've looked up the permanent records in the office & find Harriet leading with most A's, Moi next, Masako, Jonnie also Ruth. Here's hoping I get to be salutatorian.