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Mon. 1932 - Whoops! Good news! Me! first place in Territorial Finals of the Paris Pact Essay contest! feel grand! and how! Clapton told me first in the morning - then in 1st period class, Mrs Frizelle announced it. At first I thought it was the Washington Essay Contest - but it isn't - and I still am waiting for the results of that contest! I had a great kick telling mon amis that my prize is a trip to Washington D.C. & they swallowed it hook line & sinker. But really, I have special consideration for joining the European Tour this summer! when I haven't even gone to Honolulu! Gee whiz! essays! poems! stories! etc! literary genius! ahem! I'm going to start a scrapbook of press notices on my achievements!

19 behind of Harriet - if I'd worked harder this year - if Clopton had given me an A for gardening or if Hackett had given me a B, I'd [[strikethrough]] have been [[/strikethrough]] be Val! But je suis perfectly satisfied! 


Tues. 1932. Well, well, well, the excitement of winning the essay contest isn't quite over yet - although the experience isn't very rare since I've won many other contests. It was good to accept the congratulations of the students and teachers! especially Mrs. Anderson, who at first believed I was really going to Washington or Europe! But I can not tell yet. there is at least a slim chance of winning the national prize (haha) and a trip to Europe! when I haven't yet been to Kokee!

[[Note:  the section seems to be a continuation of the above, but is written above the MARCH 29 notation]]

Yesterday's space was so limited - I didn't write that after school I told L. that everything was just non-sense and silly - told her I wanted her and H. to be merely good friends (I had noticed she is a personal enemy of H. She had said so herself. Pourquoi? 

[[On the next day section in the journal in pencil (vs. ink)]]

19 They were going to run off an article in the Garden Island on the honor studes [students] mentioning the number of grade points. They put me down for 203 (H has 222) and I knew I should be put for more (218) I didn't know what to do! To see Fern - or Clopton oh it was awful. But silently, I prayed something would happen. Sure enuf! Clopton told H to take out the grade points in the copy. 

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