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MAY 21
Sat. 1932. Kapaa School play tonite. Bunk - kiddish stuff. James' voice about spoiled everything - too high & effeminate. After that, X3 went to (or rode) the flats (our habitual "meditating place) & enjoyed a meal of Japanese kaukau under the moonlite. The scene was so beautiful and enchanting!

19 incident. Ed avait donné a moi une runee [[?]] at the Hotel. Arriving at school, je l'ai showed a Alex & Herb. [[strikethrough]] Herb a ded [[/strikethrough]] in a rather "go for broke" manner - in a bold, yet causal way, accompanied by a meaningful gesture signifying my "false" purpose. Then Herb thot I was really meaning what I said (I convinced him as never before - these two realizing

MAY 22
Sun. 1932. X3 took our weekly walk down the beach. It seems to be a weekly affair. I believe we three are [[strikethrough]] nature [[/strikethrough]] sea minded - or something like it. For my part, I'd rather - much rather look at the peaceful sky & sea than mingle with other boys.

19 Ed had asked me si [[strikethrough]] je a [[/strikethrough]] j'ai voulu aller avec lui, et that j'ai la chose, that I was in seriousness) gravely advised "no don't efait. Vous serez sorry - Ay - no use le fait, vares savez. Come on." It was then I realized how good they were in friendship & how clean ils etaient in purpose - nautre mots. they revealed themselves to me in those short "warning" words.
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