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He was a poet, and he sang the songs of all the poets that had ever sung and died. He was a poet, and upon his tongue there rolled the swelling [[crossed-out]] and [[crossed-out]] tide of song of all the poets that had ever sung and lived. he was a poet... and in this wild, unuttered blood there sang that night the wild, unuttered tongues of darkness...He [[crossed-out]] q [[crossed-out]] was a poet, and [[crossed-out]] ll [crossed-out]] all of the wild, unuttered tongues that he must sing were singing in his blood that night. And he stood here on the lid of night, upon thisshore of the immortal dark, upon the undiscovered edge of all the brave new world...; and knew that still the tide was coming in upon the full. [[strikeout]] and that even yet, the muses yet, had not yet reached their prime. [[/strikeout]] 

Transcription Notes:
I wasn't sure if I should put a space between this and shore or not as it wasn't done in the document.