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London, W.C.1.

Dr. G. H. Pepper,
Museum of the American Indian,
(Heye Foundation)
Broadway at 155th. Street,
New York,

12. xj. 23.

Dear Pepper,

Over here it is considered more of a compliment than otherwise, between colleagues, to address a man by his name without any Dr. or Prof.. Let me pay you this compliment after my own barbaric fashion.

I was glad to get your letter, though it made me smile ruefully. I wonder how the report of our riches in the way of Navajo blankets got around? Alas, until a couple of years ago, when we got three specimens from Sam Lothrop, we had not a single example! None of those we now have are poncho blankets, so probably they will not interest you, but I shall be delighted to send you descriptions & photos if you wish.

I had a wonderful time in America, & only wish I could have stayed longer. Perhaps you will be coming over here soon?

Yours sincerely, 

T.A. Joyce.

Nov. 29 23-