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Chinese trader from Solo named LIEN WING WAN after they formed coop in early 60's he countered their efforts by setting up a synthetic [[bleng?]] factory in [[Solo?]] - synthetic bleng is cheaper & he is squeezing them out of the market they don't know the name or location of his factory - they saw LWW kept his plans to build it a secret ((he must have gotten as chemist to analyze the composition of the groundwater)) - one day they just discovered the synthetic on the market with trademark: "L"

in early 60's was also a coop of krupuk makers in Solo & coop sold to coop
that buyers coop new also destroyed & most of krupuk makers use Lien's synthetic product

when asked why. Jono producers didn't lower price of their bleng

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so competitive said that price of bamboo limiting factor large split bamboos used to line walls of wells & holding ponds, and as eporation [[evaporation]] trays

price of these large bamboos 1600Rp per batang come from area of Panungalan 10k away (local type too small) - 
poles are floated in by river 
bamboo used for [[luap?]] last about 2 years before salt solution eats through & must be replaced

got two estimates from two diff persons of well depth:

15 - 20 M
25 - 40 M

have never experimented with cement or concrete casings - earth in area subject to shifting so wells must be lined

wells last anywhere from 5 - 20 years

cheaper to build new one than repair an old ("direhab lebih mahal")
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