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land is inherited, still in father's name
he says his main business carpet (?) weaving
he helps fa. with harvesting and sowing season- total about 2 mo. in a year
has 4 children as workers
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his own daughter- 1. 6 yr girl 8 rp
2. 9 yr boy 10
3. 10 yr boy 12
4/ 12 yr boy 15 
he doesn't really pay his daughter; no trainees
both loons 
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4.5x7 two loons 2ch. each takes 4mo to finish
he has started his business only 5mo ago
formerly a weaver at s.o.(?) enterprise (for 5 yrs) 
used his loan to buy looms and now mat.
he is 25 yrs old, married w/ 3 children (married since 8 yrs) 
-no stoppages except holidays;
-bought carpet patterns from Kumat Ali
new pattern costs 4000-5000 Rs, but he got for 100 Rs from Kr, the charge of copying
Kr. bought 1 pattern and shared w/ everybody
after 1/2 yr. a person knows everything about carpet weaving; they can learn to read in 10 days 
-patterns written in strange figures
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uses 3 bundles wool 
uses 4k cotton each
sales price 5000-6000 
profit @2000 
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acc. to Nassa
he guesses patterns in Persian; an illiterate person can learn pattern-reading 
no plans so far to expand
-his loons cost 15,000 each 5 mo. ago

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unsure of how to mark divisions between tables. all abbreviations have been kept except & which has been written out as "and"

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