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#37 photo studio + photocopy near here
expl lain2

he is also Pak Carik here

250,000, payoff 1x in 4 mo.

a. 70,000 background
b. 50,000 [[strikethrough]] camera [[/strikethrough]] reserve in case must replace spoiled films alats rusak
c. kertas photocopy 100,000
d. laminating plastic 50,000 extra from here buys alat

he has had investasi
he develops black + white;
color done in Jogia
gets supplies from Gloria
photo in Jogia + raises price
adik 2 (two) help

#38 yang karoseri mobil
[[male symbol]] (see yesterday interview lain expl

#39 lain-lain expl [[strikethrough]] buying [[/strikethrough]] buying
750,000 24 mo. [[strikethrough]] luna[[/strikethrough]]
jual material
1 truk kecil (engkel)
batu merah, gamping
has gudeng at own house
about 300,000 batu merah
100,000 gamping
25,000 paslr
50,000 keranjang babi
70,000 batu kali
200,000 batu alam
from Wonosari
for hiasan
70,000 bamboo
100,000 kayu bakar
mostly dagang material
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