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has other langganan, also exporters
he receives orders, doesn't take goods around to art shops
sometimes langganan gives uang muka but not always
exporters get written contracts from outside
langganan pay kontan
1 colt = 2M cubic can get 500 bebek 25 cm 
if [[striketrough]] wood [[/strikethrough]] cheap quality, kayn boros, work fast & get only 400 per colt, 1000-1500 @ putihan if teliti work [[strikethrough]] fast [[/strikethrough]] slow/ & 
hasil less, but use less wood, quality, amt. of detail, size depends on orders 

[[insert for putihan]] 25cm 1 pengrajin can make about 10a day (7-15 depending
30cm 1 pengrajin can make about 8-7 a day, sell for 1500-2000@

[[preprinted]] IT IS WRONG TO TELL A LIE. [[/preprinted]]

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20  )    1 set @ 2000 cheaper per piece

[[red underline]] painting [[/red underline]] 500-2000 per pair, depending on experience of painter & who supplies paint & quality of paint
tukang pulas will buy [[red underline]] patung [[/red underline]] from him & market them himself if has money 
store retail only
uses sepeda motor, can carry 50 at a time
1 hari klair, 1 [[strikethrough]] hair [[/strikethrough]] hari setor 
50-80 production at home 
8 workers telap, but free if no order; they are free then to work elsewhere
ramai hari Lebanan, hari libur sekolah, Natal if fading mo. macet
workers paid borongan ± 600 for a [[red underline]] bebek [[/red underline]] 25 cm sold for 1000 for wood 150 per [[red underline]] bebek [[/red underline]] so his profit ± 250 Rp@

[[preprinted]] DON'T MAKE LIGHT OF YOUR LIFE. [[/preprinted]]
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