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August 22, 1892.

Measurements to determine position of near upsilon type star in Garirra[[?]] approx 1900 10^[[h]] 7.2^[[m]]-60° 6' for spectrum Ru[[?]] B[[strikethrough]]7392[[/strikethrough]]7N16

Measurements to determine 
Plate B 5001 May 1, 1890.
[[eleven column table]]
|---|Xx2/59.5=5075y|cos.^[[x]]sigma.^[[x]]|yx3.|Z.C.r.|R.a.|Dec. Magn|x|y|x|y|
|a|34.40|1640|13[[strikethrough]].60[[/strikethrough]].56|49.20|9^[[h]]4458|9^[[h]] 58|

Transcription Notes:
This is a tough one. Lots of numbers that appear to be either corrections or part of a calculation. I'm not sure how to deal with them.