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Transcription: {SPEAKER name="Speaker 1"}
[00:02:51] your hand,
[00:02:53] elbow
[00:02:54] shoulder
[00:02:55] just bring it up like this and if you can just touch your head with your shoulder okay then it comes around to your head okay.
[00:03:02] Now we're gonna go to the other arm and now everybody's stuck for a while, we can just wait it out.
[00:03:04] Alright now we're gonna bring it out back to the elbow, back to your wrist, your hand.
[00:03:13] When you bring it out on the other side it's like almost like a ballet move, you be like this, you'll come like that, okay?
[00:03:21] Just bring up the shoulder first, elbow, hand. Remember, it's hand, elbow, shoulder, your head.
[00:03:27] And then bring it over, reverse it all the way around. I'll do it for you real fast, then imma show you how it looks in a uh um the first I show you how it looks in a waving motion then I break it down for you okay.
[00:03:48] Wave, break it down for you. [[Clapping]]
[00:03:50] Alright, it's very easy to do.
[00:03:53] All you have to do is remember, the hand, elbow, shoulder, your head, and reverse it on the same way on the other side.
[00:04:00] You do that in the mirror for like a week or two, guarantee you'd be the best poppers in DC.
[00:04:07] Bet, alright?
[00:04:09] Now, I want you to know that we are the most educated group in Philadelphia about street dancing.
[00:04:14] We know almost over 50 styles of popping.
[00:04:18] We can't master all of those, because it takes a long time to master a lot of styles.
[00:04:21] But the ones we did master I'm going to tell you about.
[00:04:26] The ostrich, that's ostrich, your ape, uh King cobra
[00:04:31] That's all of that is animation moves, they're very superior in Philadelphia.
[00:04:35] The King Tut, California tick, breakdown, the panic, your arm waves, electric boogaloo, master boogaloo.
[00:04:44] You have um, foot glides, body control, body waving.
[00:04:49] You have pantomime, uh lemme see, you have
{SPEAKER name="Speaker 2"}
[00:04:53] Comedy pop
{SPEAKER name="Speaker 1"}
[00:04:54] Comedy pop, you can't forget the comedy pop.
[00:04:56] Comedy pop is what a lot of New Yorkers do.
[00:04:59] New Yorkers smile, at you while they dance.
[00:05:02] In Philadelphia they do not smile when they dance, they look serious.
[00:05:06] They very. They concentrated.
[00:05:07] You will see some of that concentration today, on Shalamar, because he never smiles when he dances.
[00:05:13] Only once in a while.
[00:05:15] But that's that Philadelphia concentration, cause Philadelphia takes popping very seriously.