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{SPEAKER name="Norman Thomas"}

Wait a minute! They need the, the Depart ( -- )

[[Cross Talk]]

Wait just a moment. Wait just a moment.

Now wait a moment, this is our program and we're gonna run how we wanna run it.

{SPEAKER name="Norman Thomas"}

I think I heard your question, I'd like to answer, but if you don't want to hear the answer, well, that's alright.

{SPEAKER name="Norman Thomas"}

The Defense Department has done better than a good many other departments,

but to call it the forerunner, a pioneer ( -- )

My goodness.

{SPEAKER name="Norman Thomas"}
They have done it partly because of the row you folks stirred up. Because ( -- )


{SPEAKER name="Norman Thomas"}

Because, there's one thing defense people do have sense enough to realize,

and that is that you have to have a pretty homogeneous people behind you.

But I'll tell you a little history,

[[??]]still here? I think you'll bear me out, if he's around,

but, anyway, it's true, even without his endorsement.

The guy that really broke down Jim Crow and the army, more than any other guy, was A. Philip Randolph. You know that, don't you?


And he did it, he did it with the least money I ever knew.

I lent him office space for some of his young people to work, and we had - he had, I didn't

an organization for something or other, but abolished Jim Crow and the army, got denounced in Congress, and all the rest.

But he made awful progress. And I think there are two fellas, Bill Worthy and Bill Sutherland, that devoted the work,

they used to come in and collect [[the mail?]].

But nevertheless, he who is remembered for what he'd said about the march on Washington

he more than any man in the United States is responsible for the fact that in the army, and also in the employment connected with the army,

there was a pretty, a fairer break for Negroes than anywhere else.

{SPEAKER name="Norman Thomas"}

But, I am a little astonished to find an organization like yours that's working for so many high ideal things,


who say that the only way you can manage to get fair employment for Negroes

is to continue an arms race that is more likely an if indefinitely continued,

to lead to war, than to peace.


[[man in audience]]
We don't say that!

{SPEAKER name="James Forman"}
What I was about to say is, this is an open meeting

{SPEAKER name="Norman Thomas"}
Well I,

{SPEAKER name="James Forman"}
Wait just a moment. Everybody in here is not necessarily a member of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee.

Now, we're not gonna have a screening test to find out who is and who is not, [[clapping]]

but all these ideas don't represent us. [[clapping]]

{SPEAKER name="Norman Thomas"}
I, I realize that, and I just took a rhetorical privilege 'you', I meant him.


Transcription Notes:
A. Philip Randolph confirmed by internet. Bill Worthy and Bill Sutherland also confirmed by internet.