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And that suggests to me, that fact suggests to me, some of the dimensions of the crisis, which we now face.

How can I put this?

I was trying to suggest before, that what the country has done to one tenth of its citizens, has had a disastrous effect the country.

It is obviously, or maybe it's not so obvious, this seems to be a controversial point.

Well, it seemed to me obvious.

That if you are intending to establish, to live in, to create a democracy.

It will seem obvious to me that you have a responsibility all of your citizens.

It would seem obvious to me, that any son, any native son or daughter.

Has all the rights that any other native son or daughter has.

It is bad enough, for us not to be so.

That's bad enough.

But what is really much worse.

Is a sister, of lies, ovation and naked oppression, designed to pretend it isn't so.

It is one thing, really, is one thing to club a kid half to death or to death.

That's bad enough.

But it's quite another thing, to then be told, you the survivor, the hypothetical survivor.

To then be told,