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{SPEAKER name="James Baldwin"}

The price the country will pay. The price a white woman and a white man, and a white boy and a white girl

will have to pay, in themselves, before they can look on me, as though I was simply another human being.

This metamorphosis is what one's driving towards.

Because without that, we really will perish.

We really will be locked in such dissension, that we will be paralyzed, as indeed we almost are now.

The internal dissension in this country has really had a terrifying effect everything we've done in the world.

And as it not a lot, we are not able to look out, we are not able to envision anything because we're in locked in civil war.

Now, of course, the ways in which one begins to achieve the liberation of a country, are always a little, have to be,

awkward and disturbing.

And any one, single aspect of this problem, if you think about jobs, the question of jobs and freedom.

Well, the first thing you're confronted with, really, is that the economy itself right now,

can't employ all the white people.

And in my view, one of the reasons for this.

One of the reasons, I am deliberately not talking about the fantastic nuclear stockpile, which is costing us so much money.

One of the reasons for this, is that a great deal of energy, of the energy of this economy goes into creating things nobody needs and nobody wants.

And everybody has to buy because everyone buys them.

Nobody needs a new car every year.

It doesn't really matter what kind of toothpaste you use, you know,


These things are not important.

But, in order for me to get a job, and it's true even if I don't say so.

In order for me to get a job-