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Kathy Potucek feeds rescued rabbits.

[[underlined]]CHICAGO BRIEFS[[/underlined]]
Five Rabbits Thank Their Lucky Feet

Five baby rabbits, saved by artificial respiration after a bout with Chicago's weekend flood, are now living a life of luxury.

They're being nursed by Mrs. George Lester, 4509 N. Karlov, who is feeding them milk from a doll's baby bottle borrowed from her granddaughter, Kathy Potucek, 8, of 4311 N. Keystone.

"We knew the rabbits had a nest in our yard," said Mrs. Lester. "So when it began to rain so hard, something had to be done to save them."

Her son, William, 4752 N. Kilpatrick, a truck driver, was visiting her at the time and dashed into the storm to pull the tiny animals from the water. He gave them artificial respiration until they began breathing naturally. Then they were put in a box and placed on a milk diet.

Safety Effort Lands Him In Hole

John Olofson, business agent of Local 20, Bricklayers' Union (AFL-CIO) feels he has a practical example of on-the-job safety.

The 59-year-old Waukegan man noted two uncovered holes on the first floor of a new dormitory under construction at Barat College, Lake Forest. He told laborers to cover the holes but an hour later, he said, both still gaped at him. So Olofson took some boards and covered a hole himself.

"That won't hold you," one of the workmen chided. "Yes it will," replied Olofson as he stepped onto the boards.

About 12 feet below in the basement, a pool of water broke his fall. He spent two days in Lake Forest Hospital, suffering from severe cuts and bruises.

"They tell me all the holes are covered up now," he said. "I hope this stands out as a permanent lesson in safety."

Humor Paves Way For New Street

They have faith, those people in Englewood.

It took them 50 years to get S. Union Ave extended from W. 61st to W. 63d, but they made it.

They have a sense of humor, too.

Wednesday at 10:30 a.m. the ribbon-cutting ceremonies opening the extension will be celebrated in Gay '90s style. Mayor Daley, Cook County Board President Daniel Ryan, and other officials will take part in an antique auto race before the ribbon-cutting.

Decked out in dusters, caps and goggles, they will ride in a 1906 Brush, an early Chevrolet and a Bentley. They will be met at 63d and Union by Englewood's fairest damsels, complete with bustles, parasols and other accoutrements of the Lillian Russell era.

He Likes His Ike, Wants Him Back

Joseph A. Strasser is willing to pay $500 ransom for "Ike's" return.

"Ike" is Strasser's male pedigree boxer which disappeared nearly 14 months ago. His owner, now a graduate student at Syracuse University, lived in Chicago until August, 1956. Just before Strasser left Ike disappeared, lost, stolen or strayed, from his home at 5405 S. Woodlawn.

To the person who returns Ike, purchased in Germany and named for President Eisenhower, Strasser promises $500 cash.

"I know it seems ridiculous," he said, "but I figure it's the only way to get him back." Strasser can be reached through a friend at BElmont 5-8492.

Bendix Air Race To Start In Chicago

One of America's famous airplane races will start in Chicago this year.

The long distance Bendix Trophy event will originate here for the first time when planes leave O'Hare Field, Chicago International Airport on July 28.

The Air Defense Command announced that six top pilots, two each from the eastern, central and western areas, will fly from O'Hare to Andrews Air Force Base in Washington.

The six pilots will fly F-102 jet interceptors. Delta Dagger interceptors will also fly the 615-mile course——in less than an hour, according to a spokesman for the Air Defense Command.

Jig May Be Up At Irish Festival

An international flavor will be added this year to the annual Irish Feis (festival) sponsored by the Harp and Shamrock Club. 

Folk dance competition will include various nationality groups. Already registered are dance teams representing Italy, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Poland and Greece.

The festival will be held Aug. 17 at Pilsen Park, 26th and Albany. Proceeds will be used to provide scholarships for Chicago area boys and girls.

Marines Will Land In Chicago Aug. 9

The Marines will land in Chicago Aug. 9.

The U.S. Marine Raider Assn., which is invading the city for its annual reunion, will occupy the Shoreland Hotel as its objective through Aug. 11. 

Rep. James Roosevelt (D-Calif.), a colonel in the Marine Corps reserve, is retiring president of the association.

E. C. Borton Heads Osteopath Group

Dr. Everett C. Borton, 46, of 8447 S. Calumet, has been 

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named president of the American College of Osteopathic Pediatricians.

The Chicago pediatrician was installed at the 61st annual convention of the American Osteopathic Assn. in Dallas. Dr. Borton succeeds Dr. Otto M. Kurschner of Philadelphia.

2 Named to NU Traffic Unit Staff

A Chicago newspaperman and a Milwaukee police lieutenant have been appointed to the staff of Northwestern University's Traffic Institute.

The newspaperman is Robert S. Nelson, 36, 5362 N. Montclare, and Thomas A. Wolf, 34, of Milwaukee, is the policeman.

Nelson will be assistant director of publications for the Traffic Institute. Wolf will assist in curriculum development at the Institute's training division.

Nelson has been associate editor of a chain of Chicago neighborhood newspapers. Wolf, in addition to his duties on the Milwaukee police department, has had wide experience in developing police training material.

Hold Slovak Day Program July 28

A Slovak Day program will be held July 28 at Pilsen Park, 26th and Albany, under sponsorship of the Slovak American Charitable Assn.

Proceeds will be used to help establish a Slovak old peoples home and orphanage. Slovak speakers and entertainers will be included in the program.

Officiers from various Slovak fraternal, religious and cultural organizations from throughout the United States will be among the guests.

Farm Expert Heads 4-H Work Here

A former county agent and farm expert from Minnesota has been placed in charge of agricultural 4-H Club work in Chicago.

He is Lawrence Biever who was county agent for Traverse County, Minn. His office will be at 160 N. La Salle.

Urban 4-H work has been planned for Chicago for several years. Actual work was made possible by a $10,000 grant from Coates & Clark Inc. of New York and $2,000 from the Sears Roebuck Foundation.

Job Counselor Maywood Speaker

"Job Preparedness and Job Opportunities in the Chicago Area" will be the subject of a talk Sunday at the Second Baptist Church at 446 S. 13th, Maywood.

The speaker will be Alvin J. Prejean, employment and guidance specialist for the Chicago Urban League. He will appear on a special program honoring the youths of congregation beginning at 3:30 p.m.

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