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Naval Aviation is thoroughly integrated in the Naval Mission; it plays an indispensable role in every facet of Naval undertaking.  The attack carrier forces fight to secure an objective area or to destroy enemy forces afloat or ashore.  The broad ocean areas must be covered, particularly against the undersea menace.  Here again, the rapid search rate, the ability to get there quickly, and the great utility of aircraft comes into play.—Adm. J.S.Russell, VCNO ★ ★ ★ ★


These young gentlemen, Lt. Dick Gordon and Ltjg Bobbie Young of VF-121, NAS Miramar, captured on 24 May one of our nation's and the world's most significant aviation awards, the Bendix Trophy, a miniature of which they are holding 10 minutes after landing at NAS New York.




Phantom II Record Flight     6
     Lt. Aldo Da Rodda gives play-by-play account of Project LANA in       which transcontinental records are broken.

World Record Log              12
     In seaplanes, landplanes and even balloons, Naval Aviators have compiled a healthy total of air marks.

Recollections of an RIO        15
     Ltjg. E.A. Coward who rode LANA One as RIO tells his part of F4H-1 record flight.

NAA/FAI Story                   16
     Since 1905, Federation Aéronautique Internationale has been world arbiter in aerial record matters.

Miramar Masters                  20
     VCP-63 turns aerial cameras on Miramar squadrons.

Flying Boat Years                 25
     Another in the Naval Aircraft series by Hal Andrews treats of low-and-slow but potent patrol aviation.


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