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ASTRONAUT'S PARENTS, Mr. and Mrs. Alan B. Shepard, Sr., take first hand look at the specially rigged platform on USS Lake Champlain where Mercury capsule was deposited. Cdr. H.H. Skidmore conducts recent tour.

Scientists Test Diet at ACCEL
Research Foods for Space Use

Five Naval scientists from the Air Crew Equipment Laboratory at NAMC Philadelphia recently completed a ten-day dietary study using semi-solid foods that may be used in future manned space vehicles. The caloric content and nutritional adequacy of the food were rigidly specified by the Food Service Branch of the Naval Supply Research and Development Facility, Bayonne, N.J.

Semi-solid foods of different caloric values were studied in the initial series. Water intake for some of the men was restricted to three pints daily. This type of diet is necessary for a man in space while wearing a full pressure suit. The food is stored in containers similar to tooth paste tubes and eating is accomplished by pushing the foods through a nozzle in the clear plastic face mask of the pressure suit.

All food for the study was stored at room temperature and did not require refrigeration. Individual food items included a variety of fruit juices, vegetables, meats and fruit. Experiment was designed to include studies on bulk, variety, palatability, tolerance, and adequacy of food. Clinical findings and studies substantiated the scientists' reports of no adverse effects resulting from this type of diet, although men showed a loss in total body weight.

Capt. R.A. Bosee is Director of the U.S. Navy Air Crew Equipment Lab.

VT-27 Designates Wives 
Pilots' Mates Get Certificates

An innovation has been added to the wing-pinning ceremonies of Training Squadron 27 based aboard NAAS NEW IBERIA, Louisiana. 

The wives of all newly designated Naval Aviators receive a separate designation certificate as a Naval Aviator's Wife. The Commanding Officer of VT-27 presents one to each wife at the graduation ceremonies.

Each certificate reads: "Know all women by these presents that Mrs. John Doe has completed the prescribed course in empathy ad having met successfully the requirements of lonesome


weekends has been designated a 'Naval Aviator's Wife.'"

200 Landings of Forrestal
VAW-12 Pilot is Double Centurion

Lt. Frank S. Hall, Detachment 42 of Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron 12, made his 200th Forrestal landing the end of April when flying with the mighty carrier in the Mediterranean.

Lt. Hall touched down a WF-2 Tracer to become a double Centurion. He compiled his 200 landings over a three-year period which has included three Med cruises for the Forrestal.

During the first two cruises, he piloted the AD-5W Guppy, then on his third cruise switched to the Tracer. The "Flying Saucer" has replaced the veteran Guppy on attack carriers of the Sixth Fleet.

"Landing number 200 was as routine as the rest," Lt. Hall says. "After 199 approaches and landings, I had the groove established for this one."

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FIFTY YEARS OF NAVAL AVIATION were served up with all the trimmings for thousands of visitors to the annual Navy League convention held in Washington recently. With the Golden Anniversary of the Golden Wings as its theme, the League program included distinguished civilian and military speakers and hundreds of industrial static exhibits featuring Naval Air's past, present and future. The odds-on favorite of the four day meet was a remodeled 1932 F4B-3 which graced the entrance of the exhibit site. At left, view of assembly for Air/Seapower symposium; right, Frank Gard Jamison (L) receives Navy Public Service award from SecNav J.B. Connally while Adm. J.S. Russell looks on.

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