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We tried to get polling Places but you know the people there are worried about the police soforth and so on. Slavery we couldn't get any polling places at all, could get any conducts they wouldn't even talk to we cam in there today and were canvasing up and down and Charlie cobb is on one side of the street and I was on the other and were alternating, and I would go into one house and knock on the door and we explain about the mock election and hand out leaflets and so forth and try to get the vote. Well I had to get a pencil and I went down one of the blocks to the stores and aborrowed a pencil from the men there and tried to get his vote but he didn't want to give me his vote and wanted back his pencil back, so I convinced him to let me keep the pencil so I went back up the block to convance, not about 20 minutes out of it police car pass by one was in uniform and one was not and they just drifted down the block and looked over the situation and about 10 minutes later this truck pulls up on the back of our car and jots down the license plate and im up on the step talking to this elderly man about getting his vote, now my back is to the to the street and the next thing I know he's telling me to look out this truck pulls right onto the lawn about an inch from my leg I look around this cap opens the door and has a shotgun in his hand and says nigga you gotta stop this nonsense we given you, you know he cusses a couple few seconds few damn minutes to get out of town. And so I kinda stood back and the fella I was talking to went into the house and locked the door.

So so I stayed there on the porch. So I start to turn around to tell him to take it easy and he said damn it nigga get out of town you have exactly 1 minute he slammed the door and back the truck up down the road. So I went back to the car put my ballot box in there the crowd had gathered

and they saw this [[burst]] as I start to walk towards the next house people closed their doors and everything so I went across the street to the house that Charlie was in and told him that maybe it'd be best for the time being we left town so we went down to [[Myersville]] about 10 miles away and as soon as we got to [[Myersville]] we found another team Matthew Huges and

[[?]] [[it's the queen of county had gone up the wrong for]] so we doubled back and went back into town you know to see if we can find him and make sure nothing happened. Well as it turned out they [[weren't even ? for us]] they continued onto Greenwood I mean onto Greenville so we didn't stay in town more than an hour during this period of time and as we left town same captain was in the truck, this man was in a ford and he saw this [[?]] out of town he followed right behind our car, we lost him on the highway we didn't waste any time on the gas pedal

But he saw the thing is this is about the second day that we've had problems with guns in Jackson, it's two nights the night before that out on the road going to the airport we got run off the highway by 4 cops and I got pistil whipped on my hand by 1 police man and a fella from New Orleans got shoved by a car door by another cop and [[?]] and Jessie Harris is standing out in the cold with their hands up and almost froze to death out there. So these votes are important we gotta stop things like this from happening

as we've been telling people up and down the road, they don't get out and vote these things gonna keep happening for the next 2000 years
[[crowd makes noise]]
[[distant]] you right you right

you know so I'm hoping I'm really hoping that everybody here I know must have cast a ballot and they're gonna get everybody else to cast these ballots so we can knock on some doors and some woman says gee I wanna see Aaron [[?]] as governor but I can't vote for him. I said well how is he gonna be come governor if you don't vote for him. You know this is after we explained the protest election the idea of it. She says well it's a good idea but I just can't vote that's white peoples business. I said you know that's right this stuff's got to stop so I'm trusting that you know these harassments which are happening to us all of us you know are gonna end it's gonna end because we're gonna get out there and make some changes.

We're in [[?]] county where there's never been a negro registered in the last hundred years and some people down there told us

you know as soon as this is over with they goin down to the court house and they gonna register you know because this election what this meant to them so I'm hoping people on the [[floor county]] and all across the state will be casting those ballots tonight and tomorrow. Thank you.


After all of this, after all of the harassment, everyone is receiving in the state of Mississippi [[we've made open our minds the state]] of never turning back.

I think now would be the proper time to sing that song We are never turning back

[[indistinct background noises]]

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