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Your ballot is important also because we must show the white citizens' council with its headquarters in Greenwood, Mississippi that it makes no difference how many times you shoot at a Jimmy Travis, it makes no difference how many Beckwiths you produce, or kill Medgar Evers, that the masses of the people want to be free. And your freedom vote shows that.

And then we got to talk about Eastland. See how many of you know that Senator Eastland is? Whoever heard of Senator Eastland?

That's right he's got a plantation up there, but that's the man that sits up in Congress. In the Senate. He's a Senator making laws for you with a plantation in Ruleville, Mississippi or Dodds whatever it is... Doddsville that's right. With a plantation up there.

Here's a man that gets up on the Senate floor and talks about the Negros ain't ready. And he's supposed to represent you. That's right. He's supposed to represent the people of Mississippi.

Not just the white people but the people of Mississippi. And I say he's got to go. Got to go. [[Oh yeah!]] He's got to go. [[Oh yeah!]] Stennis got to go. All of 'em got to go. [[applause]]

And he's no fool. They know what we saying. You know. But we got to stand up fr'em. We can't be afraid of 'em. We got to look 'em in the eye. Dead in the eye. Say, "Yeah you wrong!"

You know when you're wrong get back. It's like that old sayin' we gotta change but you know they said when you white you can get around.

Now when you white you right. When you brown you can get around. But if you black, get back get back.

See we gotta start tellin' him you black in your heart so get back. [[ Oh yeah!]] That's right and let somebody else who's right in their heart take over. And you're freedom

Transcription Notes:
I don't actually know who is speaking. I went back and listened to previous recordings in this series. The speaker's parents left him and went up to work in Chicago. I can't find references to this event in either James Baldwin's life or John Lewis's life.