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Transcription: {SPEAKER name="John Lewis"}

and his days are numbered cause we organizing all over the state
down in uhh rollin, what's the name of that place? Rolling Fork.
Rolling Fork down there I think the man is right here. We'll let him tell ya 'bout it 'cause you all are here
I didn't know they were comin'. Two young people got chased outta town at shotgun point, and you all gonna hear what they got to say when I'm finished.
Down in Natchez, Mississippi George Green, poor George, he gets it all the time, got shot at. Your boy, from Greenwood, Mississippi, fightin' for your freedom, got shot at.
Down in Picayune, Mississippi walkin the road to Poplarville this mornin'. Was one little voter registration worth it?
What had happened was the sheriff had come up and had arrested the driver and had taken the driver off somewhere off in the woods.
And the people had to get out of their car. And you know what happened in Poplarville six years ago? [oh yeah]
Charles Mack Parker got lynched!
And you had a voter registration worker walkin in the rode to Poplarville this morning
Walking for freedom! Now if these people can do all of this, don't tell me we can't go down and cast our ballet.
Don't tell me we can't go home tonight and get on the phone for two hours and call up everybody we know.
We can make on little step for freedom.
We can't turn back.
Think about the song "We'll never turn back." Gone too far now. We got to move on up from Greenwood and go up to Belzoni. [yeah]
That's right. We have to go into Belzoni. [yeah]. Cause the sheriff up their has to know his days are numbered too.
We gotta go down to Yazoo city where we weren't able to get... [the dead place]. That's right. We gotta go down and wake them up.
Sixteen months ago, they were saying Greenwood was a dead place too. But we gotta go in the bell[ugh] Yahzoo city and we gotta get into Winona.
Where they beat Misses Hema, where they beat Giat. Did you know that! Did you know that up in the Winona jail they had a old woman Misses Hema...