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They'll say yes sir. They whooped her everytime. [yeah]

They brought the guards in there and made the guards whip her.

That's right! All this was going on. And what is the difference between nigh on three hundred fifty years ago. Ain't much difference. We still slaves!

And that's why we got to ball. Bend our knees and straighten our heads in a sense and dig in!

They say we were gon be free. And we're gon do all these little things that's possible in order for us to be free.

We're going to have to start thinking. And all you maids in here and all of those that you know maids. Find out what the white folks are thinking.

You don't have to tell them you're spying on them. Look around, that's right! If I look on them, start reading some of that mail sometime.

See what's on the desk.

They gone half the day they don't know what you doin.

See? That's right! [[Amen!]]

We gotta get smart they smart on us they buggin our telephones!

We gotta get us an underground.

And tell get that word back to [[sand block]] what the white folks thinkin.

That's right.

Way we broke the thing up there in Fayette county when they had all them people in tents.

A maid sneaked in and got the combination to the safe, and took out the black list.

See they all them Negros on a black list.

And got the black list, copied the black list and put it back.

They never knew where the Negros got the information from.

And the maid is the most powerful person in a community like this.

'Cause while you servin them food they talkin bout them niggas doin this and the niggas doin that!

And don't keep it to yourself I know what it is!

I know what they sayin!


And they oughta be thankful that we are proud and honest people 'cause we could slip some cyanide into the food and they'd never know what would happened, see?

But we ain't gon do that!

We love em! We love em! We gon I ain't tryna give you no ideas, we love em!

See we gon treat em nonviolently. We gon win em!