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LETTERS TO ANY PART OF THE UNITED STATES, 3 cents for each 1-2 ounce or part thereof. 
DROP LETTERS, 2 cents per each 1-2 ounce.
ADVERTISED LETTERS, 1 cent, in addition to the regular rates.
VALUABLE LETTERS may be registered on application at the office of mailing, and the payment of a registration fee not exceeding 20 cents. 
TRANSIENT NEWSPAPERS, Periodicals, Pamphlets, Blanks, Proof Sheets, Book Manuscripts, and all mailable printed matter, (except circulars and books,) 2 cents for each and every 4 ounces. Double these rates are charged for Books.
UNSEALED CIRCULARS, (to one address) not exceeding 3 in number, 2 cents, and in the same proportion for a greater number.
SEEDS, CUTTINGS, ROOTS, &c., 2 cents for each 4 ounces or less quantity. 
ALL PACKAGES of Mail Matter not charged with letter postage must so be arranged that the same can be conveniently examined by Postmasters; if not, letter postage will be charged. 
NO PACKAGE will be forwarded by mail which weighs over 4 pounds.
ALL POSTAGE MATTER, for delivery within the United States, must be PREPAID by stamps, except duly certified letters of soldiers and sailors.
WEEKLY NEWSPAPERS (one copy only) sent to actual Subscribers within the County where printed and published, free.
LETTERS TO CANADA and other British North American Provinces, when not over 3000 miles, 10 cents for each 1-2 ounce. When over 3000 miles, 15 cents. Prepayment optional.
LETTERS TO GREAT BRITAIN OR IRELAND, 24 cents. Prepayment optional.
LETTERS TO FRANCE, 15 cents for each 1-4 ounce. Prepayment optional.
LETTERS TO OTHER FOREIGN COUNTRIES vary in rate according to the route by which they are sent, and the proper information can be obtained of any Postmaster in the United States.

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Table of Stamp Duties

AGREEMENT, or CONTRACT, not otherwise specified; any appraisement of value or damage, or for other purpose; for each agreement, or for each sheet of each agreement, &c., or renewal of same, $0.05
ASSIGNMENT.--See conveyance.
BANK CHECK, DRAFT, or ORDER for the payment of any sum of money drawn upon any bank, banker, or trust company, or for any sum exceeding $10, drawn upon any other person, companies, or corporations, at sight or on demand...... .02
BILL OF EXCHANGE, (Inland,) DRAFT, or ORDER, for the payment of money, not at sight or on demand, or any PROMISSORY NOTE, (except bank notes issued for circulation, and checks made and intended to be forthwith presented, and which shall be presented to a bank or banker for payment,) or any memorandum, check, receipt, or other written or printed evidence of money to be paid on demand, or at a time designated, for every $100 or part thereof...... .05
BILL OF EXCHANGE, (Foreign,) or LETTERS OF CREDIT, drawn in but payable out of the United States: 
If drawn singly or in duplicate, same as Inland bills of Exchange.
If drawn in sets of three or more, every bill of each set, for every $100, or the equivalent thereof, in any foreign currency in which the bill is expressed...... .02
BILL OF LADING, or RECEIPT, (other than charter party,) for any goods $c., exported to a foreign port...... .10

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