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Sunday, January 26.
Home all day reading Snowing, cold, and dreary L Mathius came and told of the grand meeting in his half of the A.M.E Church. Mr. Lennox's brother, the twin came and played off as Chas Lennox to perfection I was reading Emmerson when he came in, and therefore could scarcely account for the singular change I supposed in Charles. It was a good joke in my expense and capitally[[?]]
Monday, January 27.
Snowing heavily Mr Chas Lennox called for a few minutes. [strikethrough][/strikethrough] evening at Mr Phillips How ones heart opens and warms towards the great hearted humanitarian, his keen eyes though seeming to scan your [[?]] hear[[?]] while you are in his presence beams so kindly withal that instantly you find yourself at home with him as you say, he knows my strengths and my weaknesses yet his great mantle [[?]] them all.  He is the hero mostly of [[?ship]] "the more [[?]] [[?]] for his fellow man the nearer he approaches his God".  [[?]] perpetua. He gave me his photograph and lots of encouragement and hope.