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the evening but she had not got home. I don't want her to think that I am inviting Oren without her purposely.  I think she has too much sense for that anyway.

I am making ever so small a beginning on my talk for the Canton teachers but I am lazy and prefer reading other things.

The boy downstairs, the janitor's son, got a drum for Xmas and we have drum solos often but they do not annoy me so much as the piano at 25 Batavia used to.  Some sense to this if nothing more.

Our landlady died Tues. with influenza or pneumonia. She was a Christian Scientist! I wonder what Ferrin will do now? Go to the dogs entirely?

Miss L. dad another catty fit yesterday. Something new again! I saw her once today but paid no attention. That is the way to fix her I think. She likes to be noticed.

Miss Blanchard has been out since Xmas until to-day with a bad stomach turn I had her business girls with mine. They didn't seem to relish it at all, so yesterday when writing letters to Miss B. I told them that they could write anything they liked - that I wouldn't read them. To-day I told Miss B. that I guess she would get "some" letters. Later she told me that I had entirely misread her girls, that they were asking if they weren't going to have Miss Fowler again, but I am waiting until she sees the letters
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