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[[preprinted]] February 12 [[/preprinted]]
Good sunny day all day. Robert, Mary and I went to church to 9 oclock service. daddy went over to get rent. nobody came all day? Willie Ann + Bousner came towards night. Went to movies in Waldorf at night ("Battleground." saw Mr. McPherson + Mrs. McPherson.

[[preprinted]] February 13 [[/preprinted]]
Rainy day all day, I carried old Hay loades to school to make balk loader out of it. sent Judy Valintine this morning + men striped tobacco all day. I called Judy up at night. She has dancing lessons tonight.

February 12 - 1809--Abraham Lincoln born in Kentucky; a legal holiday in several states.
1912--Manchu dynasty ended in China, republic formed.
1935--U. S. Navy dirigible "Macon" wrecked in the Pacific.

February 13 - 1728--cotton Mather died in Boston, Mass.
1788--Trial of Warren Hastings began in England.
1892--Police matrons first appointed in New York City. [[/preprinted]] [[/page 1]]

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[[preprinted]] February 14 [[/preprinted]]
Rainy day all day. Robert and I went to school. Judy played in Basketball game at Lakin men striped tobacco all day. I called Judy up at night for a few minits. Went to Marlboro to Banquet at night. got home 11 oclocksaw Ms Mcp and Jack McP

[[preprinted]] February 15 [[/preprinted]]
Good day all day. men striped tobacco all day, Robert and I went to school. van brooks come and go hay. daddy ordered 53 tons of lime. from Baltimore 47.40 a ton. Robert + I went to Waldorf to movies "Song of Summer" called Judy up from Waldorf. She was not at school, sick.

February 14--ST. VALENTINE'S DAY; in Arizona. ADMISSION DAY.
1859--Oregon admitted to the Union.
1876--Alexander Graham Bell granted telephone patent.
1912--Arizona admitted to the Union.

February 15 - 1879--Congress gave women right to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court.
1898--U. S. S. "Maine" blown u pin Havana Harbor, Cuba.
1905--Lew Wallace, author of "Ben-Hur." died. [[/preprinted]] [[/page 2]]
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