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Good day all day. [[?]] and daddy spread 5 ton of lime. Robert + I to school. went to tractor demonstration during school, [[swimming?]] at night. called Judy up at night. saw frank [[?]] at night. graded wood after school. carried [[?]] hay to [[train?]].

Mostly Raining all day. Robert and I to school. Joe and [[?]] picked and striped tobacco all day. tried to call Judy but could not get her. did [[?]] and carried it down to [[?]] for [[fees?]] to [[?]]. got home 10:30. raining all night. striped some [[school?]] tobacco.

April 24-1814-British occupied Washington, burning public buildings.
1898-Spain declared war on the U.S.
1916-Revolt broke out in Dublin, Ireland.

April 25-CONFEDERATE MEMORIAL DAY in Ala., Fla., Ga., Miss.
1507-Name "America" first used in French geography.
1859-Construction of Suez Canal begun.

Good day all day. Robert + I to school. saw Judy at school. [[?]] striped and harvested tobacco all day. Bob Via in afternoon. [[Kent?]], Via, Robert, Wallace + I went fishing at night down to Indian Head. called Judy up at night. got home from fishing at 11:00 P.M.

Good day all day. [[?]] striped and harvested tobacco all day. Robert + I went to school. plowed and harrowed land after school. [[Mother?]] Paid by [[?]] most To [[?]] [[B---?]] and [[?]] at night. got home 10:oclock. saw Judy at school.

April 26-1665-Great Plague broke out in London, England.
1865-Steamer "Sultana" burned on the Mississippi.
1914-U.S. flag raised in Vera Cruz; martial law proclaimed.

April 27-1822-Ulysses S. Grant born in Ohio.
1897-Grant's tomb dedicated in New York City.
1898-Admiral Sampson's squadron bombarded Cuba.
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