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Thursday fair day all day. daddy and Robert to Waldorf to see tobacco sold and stayed all day. I scooped manure out of barnyard. John Richards came to bought some wheat from me. Bob came & bought straw from me. I went up to Bobs before I got Mary from work. Saw Adina May & the rest of the family.

Friday Good day all day. I finished scooping up Manure in barnyard. daddy and Robert to Waldorf. I went up to Bobs before dinner. got in 4 loads of wheat after dinner. I up to Blast to help plant tobacco and stayed to supper and then Adina May wanted me to play checkers with her. got home 11:30 P.M.

July 13-1733- Jean Paul Marat assassinated by Charlotte Corday in France.
1897- Lord Kitchener's army made advances in the Sudan.
1900- Tientsin bombarded by the allies in the Boxer Rebellion.

July 14-1789- Bastille, Paris prison, fell to attacking citizens.
1902- Campanile of St. Mark's, Venice, collapsed.
1938- Howard Hughes completed record round-the-world flight in 3 days, 19 hours, 17 minutes.

Saturday Bad day most all the day. Trashed 1 load of wheat out in morning & then it started to rain. Daddy & Robert to Waldorf in afternoon. I went up to Bobs to help his father to plant tobacco. Adina May & I planted tobacco. Van Brooks at night. men worked 1/2 a day. rained at night.

Sunday Good day all day. nobody came all day & we went nowhere. I took Adina May, Mrs. Via & Mary to the movies at Waldorf at night. saw "The 3rd Man" good picture got home 11:30 P.M. got gas for tractor. hot 92°

July 15-1099- Crusaders won Jerusalem from the Saracens.
1606- Rembrandt, Dutch painter, born.
1869- Northwest Territories added to the Dominion of Canada.

July 16-1790- U.S. Government centered in District of Columbia.
1898- Santiago, Cuba, surrendered to U.S. troops.
1915- U.S. battleships used Panama Canal for first time.
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