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slides on the mountain sides [[strikethrough]] like [[/strikethrough]] looking like insects prove our point of view.

On the way from the R.R. to Lone Pine we crossed the sandy stretch from the R.R. to Owens Riv.

[[strikethrough]] Wes [[/strikethrough]] West of the Riv, the soil becomes more clayey and is more fertile according to the people.

This is on the slope from the Sierras while east of the Riv. the sand slopes from the Inyo Mts. Just west of Lone Pine is the low range of hills called the Alabama Mts. They rise right of the base of the slope from the Sierras & are quite distinct from the latter. Mt. Whitney stands up in all its rugged grandeur from Lone Pine.

[[strikethrough]] There [[/strikethrough]] We saw 1 Colaptes mex. and many Sturnella [[strikethrough]] mag [[/strikethrough]] neglecta & Zonotrichia were extremely common in the hedges near town. In the eve, we went out and saw a number of Melospiza mountanus in a corn field & weed patch. Also 

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