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Richmond, June 28 1869
Mr Welch Dear Sir.

I receive a letter from you written may the 20 I have taken charge of the school here at this place and have a very good school here I have got the No of 89 scholar but the people are not able pay much but I thought if the government would pay more some things so that I could make a living I would continue here for some time I only get 50 cents tuition and times is so hard that they can't pay that Some of them pay while others don't So if you can assist me a little so that I can make a living I will be very much obliged to you the people are very [[?]] [[?]] here So you will please write and let me know what you can do for me I send you a report of this month school will hold and [[?]] on July 5 1869 Yours with respect James M. Winslow

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