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Mrs Barry went over to Winnies yesterday to be taken down town but she couldn't start her car it was right in the midst of her treating a patient (Eleanor Glennon) she, had one foot done and was going down with she & Richard & do the other foot when she came back from down town but [[strikethrough]] instead [[/strikethrough]] Eleanor took them instead (knowing Mrs Barry as well as she did).

The snow plow is going bye to plow out the sidewalks. this sun is so bright the snow will soon melt it will make a little slippery going & the children coasting will not improve the street. being vacation they will keep at it as long as possible. it will make good skating. I used to enjoy that when I was a child. my skates will go rusty for want of use.

I think you spoke about Doris wanting to learn to dance I think thats a good idea it certainly makes them graceful if nothing more. do let her learn if possible. you remember when you went to dancing school. children dance here a great deal its very common to go to a dance. well its time to end my letter & put it in the slot he will soon be here Ma

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