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2. RVR - approach end - presently shut down pending relocation. Airport sponsor will place fill in location selected for transmissometer relocation commencing October 1967. RVR - rollout end - Weather Bureau installing on 250-foot baseline and modifying computer; completion indefinite pending receipt of computer modification kits which are estimated to be shipped during June 1968. 

3. Inner marker equipment received. Installation scheduled pending successful glide slope performance.

New York, New York (LaGuardia)

Runway 22
150 feet wide; 7,000 feet long; CPA Runway 22

Commissioning date FY 1971

1. Glide slope course tolerances from the middle marker to threshold do not meet Category II standards. Threshold crossing height 40'. Facility commissioned for Category I operations on May 3, 1967. NOTE: Ships in channel require a 3 degree glide slope setting.

*2. Touchdown zone and centerline lights (L-850) under construction. Installation of fixtures deferred due to pavement subsidence at runway intersection. Repavement completion expected by September 1, 1968. 

3. RVR - approach end - Weather Bureau has installed transmissometer on 500-foot baseline. Computer programmed for installation by FAA. Rollout end - baseline reduction to 250 feet and computer installation by FAA programmed.

4. Inner marker equipment received. Commissioning indefinite. 

5. Electrical power - configuration "B". 

6. Continuous power project for owner facilities. Port of New York Authority has FY 1967 FAAP power under grant. Completion scheduled for August 1968.


Denver, Colorado

Runway 35
150 feet wide; 11,500 feet long; CPA 26L
Commissioned November 1966 for 1600 RVR day, 1200 RVR night

1. Critical area lighted hold signs have been ordered; delivery date is unknown. 
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