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A Stockholde [[Rip in paper]] ancial Relations Program


Generally speaking, it is desirable for all managements to do all that reasonably lies in their power to insure as broad a market as possible for the securities of the company. Existing stockholders should have the opportunity to effect a sale when necessary without disrupting prices, and new stockholders should be able to acquire their investment economically when they desire to do so.

In creating this favorable environment, means must be take to insure a continuing flow of accurate progress reports and financial data and to avoid the spread of misinformation about the company and the industry in which it operates.

The maintenance of a complete stockholder and financial relation program is desirable for all companies with stock in the hands of the public. In the case of New York Airways, Inc., however, there are additional reasons which would appear to make it even more imperative that such a program should be instituted. we visualize these reasons as follows:

1. New York Airways, Inc. represents a unique air carrier operation in the New York metropolitan area. Few              people among the general public and a small minority in the investment field are familiar with its present              operations, to say nothing of its future potential. In order to insure a proper appraisal of the equity of              New York Airways, a program should be instituted which regularly would 

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