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This bond shall be conditioned upon the faithful performance of the duties of this officer and shall be made payable to the President in trust for the [[strikethrough]] Union [[/strikethrough]]. The premium on the bond shall be paid from the funds of the [[strikethrough]] Union [[/strikethrough]].

Section 6. The Guardian shall have charge of the door at meetings of the [[strikethrough]] Union [[/strikethrough]]. He shall allow no one except members of the [[strikethrough]] Union [[/strikethrough]] to enter such meetings except by permission of the presiding officer. He shall assist the presiding officer in preserving order, and perform such other duties as pertain to his office.


Section 1. The regular meetings shall be held on the first Tuesday of each month (in event of holiday, on next succeeding [[strikethrough]] Tuesday). Ten [[strikethrough]] members shall constitute a Quorum for the transaction of business.

Section 2. Special meetings shall be called by the President at his discretion, or upon the written application of at least [[strikethrough]] ten [[strikethrough]] members, or by direction of the Executive Board.

Section 3. The Executive Board shall meet each month at such time as it may deem advisable.  

Executive Board and Committees.

Section 1. There shall be an Executive Board composed of regular officers provided for in Article IV, Section 1, of this Constitution, and three additional members to be elected by the [[strikethrough]] Union [[/strikethrough]].

Section 2. It shall be the duty of the Executive Board to formulate policies for the [[strikethrough]] Union [[/strikethrough]] and to submit the same to the [[strikethrough]] Union [[/strikethrough]] for its action; to administer the business of the [[strikethrough]] Union; [[/strikethrough]] to have custody of its funds and property, except as otherwise provided for in this Constitution; to act for the [[strikethrough]] Union [[/strikethrough]] in emergencies arising between the meetings of the body and to represent the [[strikethrough]] Union [[/strikethrough]] in all matters affecting relations with the National Federation of DFA [[strikethrough]]Federal Employees [[/strikethrough]] and other organizations, except as otherwise provided for in this Constitution.

It shall constitute the Adjustment Committee of the [[strikethrough]] Union [[/strikethrough]] and its meetings shall be open to any member of the [[strikethrough]] Union, [[strikethrough]]under such rules and regulations as the Board may formulate. It shall be its duty to investigate grievances and other matters laid before it, and if possible, to make adjustments with the proper authorities.

Section 3. The President of the [[strikethrough]] Union [[/strikethrough]] shall be Chairman of the Executive Board, but shall have no vote except the Board be equally divided. The Executive Board shall adopt rules governing its own procedure and shall appoint or elect committees to carry out its purposes including an Auditing Committee and a Committee on Membership and Credentials. In the selection of the members of all Committees, the Board shall adhere as closely as practicable to the principle that the members of said Committee in the aggregate shall be as fairly representative as possible of the various branches and offices represented in this [[strikethrough]] Union. [[/strikethrough]]