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CONSTITUTION FOR [[strikethrough]]FEDERAL EMPLOYEES UNION NO. 780[[/strikethrough]]
ADOPTED AT [[strikethrough]]CHICAGO, ILLINOIS SEPTEMBER 7[[/strikethrough]], 19[[strikethrough]]48[[/strikethrough]]
With a view to maintaining a higher standard of efficiency in the Federal Civil Service, as well as to promoting and safeguarding the interests of the personnel, and to secure the benefits to be derived from group action, we, an organization of employees of the United States, adopt this Constitution.
Section 1. This organization shall be known as Federal Employees' Union No. 780, of Chicago, Illinois, of the National Federation of Decendents of first American[[strikethrough]]Federal Employees.[[/strikethrough]]
Objects and Methods.
Section 1. The objects of this [[strikethrough]]Union[[/strikethrough]] shall be to advance the welfare of its members, to collect and disseminate information pertaining to their employment in the Government Service, to instill a high sense of individual responsibility and to aid in the perfection of systems adapted to promote maximum efficiency in the service.
Section 2. The methods of obtaining those objects shall be by holding meetings to investigate and discuss matter of interest and formulate plans of procedure by creating an fostering public sentiment faborable to needed reforms, by petitioning the Congress, by cooperation with government officials and employees, and by other proper and lawful means; PROVIDED, That under no circumstances shall this Union, [[strikethrough]]nor the members thereof[[/strikethrough]], engage in [[strikethrough]]or support any strike against the United States Government.[[/strikethrough]]
Section 1. Any person of INDian or INDian white ancestory[[strikethrough]] employed in the civil branch of the United States Government, the District of Columbia, or the insular possessions, including departmental and field employees of the Post Office Department and militarized employees of the Lighthouse Division of the United States Coast Guard Service,[[/strikethrough]]is eligible to membership in this Union: PROVIDED, That members separated from the Federal service may retain their membership during the period of such separation.
Section 2. The applicant for membership shall be recommended by a member of this Union in good standing. Questions of eligibility shall be referred for action to the Committee on Membership and Credentials. Every candidate shall have subscribed to the obligation of the National Federation of [[strikethrough]]Federal Employees.[[/strikethrough]]
Section 3. The initiation fee of this Union shall be one dollar, which shall accompany the application for membership. If a proposed member is found ineligible, his initiation fee shall be refunded.
Section 4. The dues of this Union shall be 50 cents per month.
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