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Card #   Author/Title                             
1        Knopp, Sally: New Wings For Women 1946
2        May, Charles P: Women in Aeronautics 1962
3        Moolman, Valerie: Women Aloft 1981
4        Planck, Charles E.: Women with Wings 1942
5        Wolko, Howard S.: In the Cause of Flight 1981
6        Oakes, Claudia M.: US [Women] in Aviation through WWI 1985
7        Rossiter, Margaret W.: Women Scientists in America... 1982
8        Brooks-Pazmany, Kathleen L.: US [Women] in Aviation: 1919-29 1983
9        Oakes, Claudia M: US [Women] in Aviation: 1930-39 1985
10       Thaden, Louise: High, Wide and Frightened 1938
11       Cochren, Jacqueline: The Stars at Noon 1954
12       Nielson, Georgina P.: From Sky Girl to Flight Attendent  1982
13       Nichols, Ruth: Wings for Life 1957
14       Holm, Jeanne: Women in the Military... 1982
15       Enloe, Cynthia: Does Khaki Become You... 1983
16       Samuelson, Nancy D.: Equality in the Cockpit... 1977
17       Corn, Joseph J.: The Winged Gospel... 1983
18       Meyer, Dickey [G. Chapelle]: Girls of Workin Aviation 1943
19       Bowman, Constance.: Slacks and Callouses 1944
20       Baker, Laura N.: Wanted: Women in War Industry... 1943
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