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244         THE CRISIS

tain property qualifications which make office holding on the part of the natives difficult. In the case of the Danish West Indies, nothing has been settled concerning the status of the 30,000 colored inhabitants. 
[[pilcrow]] At Memphis, Tenn., 3,000 members of the Lincoln League, which smashed the "Lily White" Republican organization at the recent election, had an enthusiastic meeting and reelected R.R. Church, Jr., as president.
[[pilcrow]] The Lower House of the Tennessee Legislature has passed a women's suffrage bill omitting the poll tax provision which is relied upon to keep colored men from voting. 

The necrology for the month includes Alexander Walters, senior bishop of A.M.E. Zion Church, whose funeral was attended by hundred of people at Mother Zion Church, New York City; James H. Hayes, of Virginia, the noted agitator for the Negroes' political rights; Joe Brown, one of the South's leading florists at Nashville, Tenn.; Lewis H. Berry, of Brooklyn, N.Y., a messenger on Governor's Island; Richard Wallace, the first American seaman to be killed in the new German submarine policy; Mrs. R.E. Jones, the wife of the editor of the Southwestern Christian Advocate; and Young Turner, of Lebanon, Ill., an ex-slave who left an estate worth $47,000.
[[pilcrow]] Mr.J.C.M. Comisswing, who died in Grenada, B.W.I., last summer, was one of the most brilliant and progressive young Negroes in the British West Indies. He was manager of one of the largest cocoa and sugar estates in the Island and a partner in the dry goods house founded by his mother. 
[[pilcrow]] Dr. Charles E. Bentley was successfully operated on at Provident Hospital, Chicago, for appendicitis during December. 
[[pilcrow]] Dr.W.E.B. Du Bois was discharged from St. Luke's Hospital, New York City, January 22. He is rapidly regaining his strength and normal health. He wishes to express to his friends, known and unknown, in many parts of the country, his deep appreciation of their thoughtfulness and encouragement. 
[[pilcrow]] E.A. Bryant, a colored man and the oldest railway postal clerk in the state of Florida, was recently injured in a wreck. He has served as clerk for over thirty years, and lives in Jacksonville.

[[pilcrow]] Dr. P. O'Connell, formerly a professor in Gammon Theological Seminary, South Atlanta, Ga., has become financial agent of the Morgan College, and also pastor of Cory Church, Cleveland, Ohio. 
[[pilcrow]] L.P. Henderson has been appointed deputy clerk in the office of the probate judge, Columbus, Ohio.
[[pilcrow]] Curtis J. Wright, of Boston, Mass., has been appointed bail commissioner. 
[[pilcrow]] Bishop I.N. Ross and Bishop Beckett of the A.M.E. Church, have sailed for their respective dioceses in West and South Africa. 
[[pilcrow]] Corporals Jake Mundy and Benjamin Sanders are to be transferred to the reserves after serving four years with the colors. 
[[pilcrow]] Franklin A. Denison, colonel of the celebrated 8th Illinois regiment, has been appointed an assistant to the Attorney General of the state.
[[pilcrow]] It is stated that John McDuffy, a Negro planter near Columbus, Ga., has worked out a novel means of eradicating the boll weevil which is destroying the cotton plant over wide areas. 
[[pilcrow]] L.J. Rice, a colored policeman of Dayton, Ohio, for the past eight years, has been transferred to the detective department. 
[[pilcrow]] Two persons have written the CRISIS for help in tracing their lost relatives: B.C. Irvin, of the Elks Club, Helena, Montana, wishes to locate Mrs. Marie Williams, whose maiden name was Mollie Cain. When last heard of she was traveling with the Barnum and Bailey Circus; Mrs. Anna Earvin of Valdosta, Ga., is trying to find her family. They were sold in 1861 from Washington, D.C., to Richmond, Va,; Mrs. Rachael Taylor and three daughters, Eliza, Mary and Anne Taylor. Their purchaser was named Beasley.
[[pilcrow]] Walter Parrot, of Cranford, N.J., a fifteen-year-old colored boy, rescued the twelve-year-old daughter of Harry D. West, white, who had broken through the ice. 
[[pilcrow]] The Rev. Frederick A. Summer, the pastor of the white Congregational Church at Milford, Conn., has been elected president of Talladega College, Ala.
[[pilcrow]] J.N. Correa Toca, a Mexican, and from his picture, evidently of Negro descent, is a sculptor of ability. His most important work is the great Madero monument, a model of which is in the National Academy of Arts, in the city of Mexico. 

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          THE HORIZON            245


The law suit for the possession of the valuable printing plant of the Baptists at Nashville, Tenn., has begun between Dr. R.H. Boyd and the representatives of the Baptist Convention. 
[[pilcrow]] The Episcopal Synod, of Arkansas, after debate approved a plan for the election of a Negro Suffragan bishop whose salary shall be paid by the Board of Missions. It is probable that such bishops will be elected in Texas and Arkansas.
[[pilcrow]] The colored South Carolina conference of the M.E. Church during the last conference year has raised $11,500 for the Freedmen's Aid Society. Most of this money is for the endowment of Claflin University.
[[pilcrow]] St. John's Congregational Church, Springfield, Mass., under the Rev. W. N. DeBerry, has paid off a mortgage of $12,000 during the last year and established an incorporated charities association. During the year the church has come into possession of real estate valued at about $10,000. 
[[pilcrow]] The colored Y.M.C.A., Nashville, Tenn., has purchased Duncan Hotel for its activities. In St.Louis, Mo., a site at the corner of Ewing and Pine Streets, has been turned over to the colored Y.M.C.A., and a $150,000 building is to be erected.
[[pilcrow]] The first annual report of the Wabash Avenue (colored) Department of the Y.M.C.A., shows a membership of 1,078 and an average monthly attendance of more than 7,000. 

The colored American Society for the Relief of French War Orphans has been formed at Atlanta, Ga., with the patronage and co-operation of the French Consul. The appeal says: No doubt you are aware that there are at present approximately 600,000 colored soldiers engaged in actual warfare, a fact not generally appreciated by the great masses of Negroes in this country. The maiming or killing of every black solider deprives three or more black women or children of their bread.
Every other race the world over, that is not at war has contributed most liberally to the same cause. Are we less generous, humanitarian or sympathetic for our own, than other peoples? It is wonderful how much suffering that a few dollars distributed in this way we relieve. 

The object of this organization is to raise a fund of one million dollars for the relief of the widows and orphans oft he brave and gallant black soldiers of France. 
[[pilcrow]] The French Chamber of Deputies, as an answer to the inuendoes of the German Emperor, rendered unanimous homage to the black troops: Colored Deputy, Diagne, in his own name and that of his colleagues, made a declaration of which the following is the conclusion:
"We cannot be sufficiently grateful for the immense benefit we have received from the Convention which enables us to sit here with you on the footing of perfect equality. That is why, in 1914, when France was attacked, all Frenchmen of the colonies, without distinction of race or color, unite din close solidarity to come forward to defend it." (Applause.)
The President of the Commission for Foreign Affairs and Keeper of the Seals, in the name of the Government, rendered homage to the native troops and the Chamber voted unanimously a resolution expressing to all defenders of the country, without distinction of origin, race or color, testimony of gratitude. 
[[pilcrow]] A plan has been proposed to import Negroes from Africa to England as laborers. It is opposed by the white trade unionists and also by certain leading Englishmen who declare that the Negroes would be more valuable if trained as soldier rather than as farmers. General Smuts, of South Africa, in replying to a public welcome, said that he had been surprised beyond measure at the splendid co-operation of the mixed forces of his command and their wonderful work in the campaign, which "perhaps was the hardest in the history of the world." The difficulties of the campaign were far greater than had been anticipated. The young South Africans, at the outset thought they could easily conquer the German black troops, but they soon revised that opinion and his fellow officers declared that they never fought against better or braver troops. 
[[pilcrow]] At the annual meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, the president, Sir Arthur Evan, declared that European civilization, and especially civilization in Crete, was of Negro origin. "One must never lose sight of the fact," said he, "that from the early Aurignacian period

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