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{SPEAKER name="Eugene B. Redmond"}
And an american journal, a white american journal evolved as a result of uh...his existence and of his...the way he's, his pacing of the literature. So right uh in the early part of the 20th Century for example you had Dunbar High School, Dunbar writing School, Dunbar Technical Schools, Dunbar community centers, very influential.

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You've been listening to the literary corner black writers of the world. Today an introduction to Afro-American poetry part 1 with Professor Eugene Redmond of California State University at Sacramento. In part two of the introduction to Afro-American poetry, Redmond continues his historical presentation beginning with the Harlem renaissance poets and concluding with poets of the 1970s. Technical assistance provided by Bob Cham. I'm Brooks Robinson. The Literary Corner was made possible by funds from WHA Radio, Madison Wisconsin, a service of the University of Wisconsin extension.

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